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November 02, 2005

Damn you, Daylight Savings Time!!

DaylightsavingstimeendsFall back!  It's that time of year again, when you look out your office window at 5:00 and instead of seeing a sunny afternoon, ripe for a sidewalk happy hour, you face the dying embers of the day and the prospect of darkest night before you get to your front door.  I've never really understood the need for daylight savings time, but unless you live in Arizona, Hawai'i, or Indiana it's a rhythmic part of your existence.  The good news--or what used to be good news--is that you got an extra hour of sleep on a Saturday night, which used to be awesome when recovering from a night of Three-Man or Cardinal Puff.  Well, it's a new dawn (literally) and those of us with infants are probably already reeling at what this has done to our sleep patterns since the weekend.

We've spent the last few weeks working our daughter into a predictable pattern, which, although not ideal, is at least tolerable.  She would crash and burn between 7-8 PM, and aside from some nocturnal squeeking, grunting, and kicking was basically passed out until around 5:30 AM.  As long as daddy wasn't up late playing Jade Empire or Madden '06, that meant plenty of sleep and the hope of eventual recovery from the three months when we had none.  The infant mind, however, could care less what the clocks say, and suddenly she's checking out at 6 PM and waking up at 4:30 AM.  What the?  How the?  Like THAT we're back to dreary-eyed child-care, and my wife and I are starting to look like extras in a George Romero movie.

Congress has already decided to extend daylight savings starting in 2007, and if you're thinking about having your next child that year you may want to consider timing your...activity...to maximize your chances of a winter or spring baby and avoid our fate.  The rest of us will be sprinkling Vivarin into our afternoon feedings to encourage a more optimal bedtime.

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