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January 28, 2006


Hi. You're probably wondering why I'm doing a post on a Saturday. I could sell you some drama about how, over the past 24 hours, I've had a string of Jack Bauer-esque calamities befall me. The kid has to have the tubes in his ears. The dog dug his way underneath the fence AGAIN and this time his Steve McQueen/James Garner/Richard Attenborough-inspired adventure took him over our neighbor's (she being a Grumpy Old Woman of Indeterminate Age) fence, and the GOWOIA called THE COPS (plug here for my wife's site; I'll let her tell the tale). And the planned surfing excursion with Whiff was cancelled because apparently my bad ear infection karma rubbed off on his daughter.

Needless to say, it's been a shitty old time.

BUT! I'm geeked over some coolness coming up this week. Here at DadCentric HQ (a massive space station in geosynchronous orbit over Gotham City), we have Big Things happening. First, you may have noticed that "dt-greg" contributed a post yesterday. We in the Blogosphere know him as Greg, the man behind the curtain at Daddy Types, and are very happy to have him aboard. Second, Super Bowl XL. All kinds of Big Game related stuff. And third, a bit of a change in format to the Dad O' The Week post - thanks to the miracle of The Email, I'll be e-interviewing this week's featured dad, Jon Armstrong.

So enjoy the rest of the weekend, and while you're at it, answer me this: Lucas just got a new picturebook, Once Upon A Potty. One page features a picture of a potty containing a big steaming pile of babyshit. Lucas points at the picture and says "YUMMY!" Should I be concerned?


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