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June 25, 2007

The post where I say "Howdy"

Just so you know, this first sentence here, the one you're reading now, is not the first part of the post that I typed, but as I was typing, I got this odd sense of deja vu. I'll explain in a few.

Punched_2So the hazing rituals are over, and it would seem that I'm now officially part of the DadCentric writing team. It was worth it, I tell ya, despite the bruises and the funny taste in my mouth and the bizarre brand on the bottom of my foot. Can any of you guys tell me what language this is? Actually, from what I hear, it was all originally supposed to be a little midnight ceremony involving dudes in black cloaks, a goat, and a bottle of chloroform, but since we all live in different states and the DadCentric corporate jet is still in the shop with a busted hyperdrive (it's always the damn hyperdrive), they just sent me instructions to punch myself in the face repeatedly until, well, whenever. They weren't too specific. But I got through it, and I think I did okay. Whaddaya think?

From what I can tell, most, if not all of the other DadCentric dads are on or near the east or west coasts, so it looks like I'm representin for the dirty south contingent. It was even stipulated in my contract that I bring along some of my Austin hipster street cred, which I guess means I need to update my wardrobe and buy some cooler glasses. And probably change my name. I'll alert the rest of Austin.

I_got_dads_mac So that deja vu I mentioned up above in the first sentence that was not actually the sentence that was written first? It hit me around the end of the last paragraph when I started wondering what to write next. It would seem that, here I am, starting off my first post on a new (to me anyway) blog, which of course causes me to cast my memory back to March of 2005 when I was writing the very first post over on my personal blog. And in that very first post, I was about seven months away from the birth of my first kiddo. That's him there, thinking he's stealing my 'puter. And here I am writing this first post, and I'm about six months away from the birth of my second kiddo. So yeah, strange, or maybe just me. I have, of course, announced the news hither thither and yon throughout the blog world, so this isn't exactly the official announcement to the internodes, but I guess it's sort of my introduction by way of news-telling by way of saying howdy y'all.

So howdy. Y'all.


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