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July 24, 2007

The Brothers Holmes

So for the last few months, the lingering question in my mind has been "life with a boy and a girl or life with two boys? Which one are the fates gonna hand down?" Well today, thanks to the wonders of repurposed naval combat technology, the will of the fates has been made known. Two boys it is!

Bros_we_knows_2My feelings about it have been the same as they were with our first pregnancy. I didn't care that much about the gender either way, I just wanted the child to be healthy and I wanted to be a good dad. I tried as hard as I could to look deep down inside myself to see if there was some underlying preference, but I couldn't seem to find any then, nor could I now. And with the second child, I'm stoked about my son getting to be big bro, and I've been trying to imagine what the adventure will be like with two. And now that I know it's two boys, well hell, there are plenty of examples to look at and say, "Maybe that'll be my boys!"

Like, maybe they'll make some low-budget flick that will catapult them to the height of movie stardom, all the while maintaining their handsome goofy indie charm.

Or maybe they'll transform the Holmes family into the political powerhouse it's always been destined to be.

Or maybe they'll turn vigilante and rid the city of Austin of the crime that plagues its streets and the governor that pollutes its capital.

Or maybe they'll just drive around the country-side in a souped up redneck-mobile, outwitting the local law enforcement.

Or perhaps they'll be stars of the daddyblog world. Hell, that one's a certainty. 


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