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October 16, 2007

Colic Solved: The DadCentric Book Review

Colicsolvedcover When Dr. Bryan Vartabedian contacted me about the possibility of reviewing his book, Colic Solved, for this site, I only heard one thing, free shit and I said "bring it."

Then I realized, damn, this is a book about colic.  Suddenly the excitement subsided.  Still, my youngest had dealt with something along the lines of colic, and while it wasn't near the severity that others faced, it was hard as hell for us.  Why not, I thought, maybe this book can actually help people.  If I'm about anything, besides money and questionable morals, it's helping people.  And watercolors.  I'm about money, questionable morals, watercolors, and helping people.  I read the book.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the cover was that Bryan had signed it.  This increased the resale value exponentially.  Hello eBay.  Hello retirement. 

Perhaps you're thinking I'm being a bit facetious, and that may be, but don't mistake it for disrespect.  You see, a) I just drank 4 bottles of pumpkin beer, and b) Dr. Vartabedian created a book that is, despite the seriousness entailed, an easy, enjoyable read.  I was afraid I was getting a text book, and while the information presented could be construed as such, the antidotes and the author's own experience make the book relatable.  Hell, how many baby books have you seen that quote James Bond and Dirty Harry?

In addition, the good doctor included a note which I didn't notice anywhere in the book- I'm guessing because he just made it up, and that was his claim that if every couple in America read Colic Solved that post-partum sex would increase 47%.  I'm sure he was joking, but you know, he's on to something.  Less crying from baby equals more quality time for mom and dad.  Hint, hint.  Nudge, nudge.

Colic, or the numerous conditions that modern medicine lumps together under that banner, is a serious and difficult matter for children and parents.  The bottom line is that Dr. Vartabedian has written a book that can help them.  I wish it had been available for us.  We were lucky enough to move forward into less crying and relatively better sleep by toying with formulas.  That won't do it for a lot of babies.  It's nice to know that you have other options.

If you're in this situation and not getting the results you want from you medical provider, I would recommend picking up a copy of Colic Solved.  I'm not even in the situation and I found it informative and interesting.  Not only that, but I read it on a plane and the flight attendant assumed I was looking for help.  She gave me a free drink.  That helped.



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