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August 14, 2009

Learning to just let go just plain sucks

Matt comes to us from Washington DC, where he chronicles his life as a father in the nation's Capitol at the aptly named DC Urban Dad. 

I should have been an actor.

Oh wait a minute, I was for a brief second and that didn't turn out quite so well.  Case in point.....

Needless to say I have a flair for the dramatic. 

Shit, did I just write flair? I have a flair.  This post is not going quite the way I had hoped.  They are never going to invite me back.

Anyway let me see if I can finish this.....back to where I was......um.....

Yes, I am a bit of a dramatic.  I tend to go over the top.  Every bump on a plane means we are going to crash in a fire bomb.  Every spot on my skin looks like skin cancer.  And don't even get me started about taking a swim in the ocean - thanks Discovery for tapping into my fears

The fact is I am always envisioning the worst scenario possible and it has only been magnified by the arrival of my kid.

As a Dad or Mom all you want out of life is just the best for your kid.  You want them to be healthy.  You want them to be secure.  You want them to have friends, to be loved, to find love, and to experience everything the world has to offer.

But you have ZERO control.  Sure, you have some say and some influence, but no control. 

And lately I have found it hard sometimes not to hover.  I feel it creeping in more and more as my little Mini-Kamp becomes more mobile, more vocal, more aware, and more social.

I can only imagine these feelings will just get worse as she gets older and grows up.  And they say what goes around comes around so tell me how do you - seasoned Dads - out there deal with this?  How have you learned to let go and not hover?


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