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December 16, 2009

And The Winners of Our Worst Santa Photo Contest Are...

Thanks to everyone who sent in a picture. You're all winners, and you can tell yourselves that when you're taking your kids to the therapist because they keep waking up screaming about the Scary Red Suited Man who's going to drag them down to Hell. Third place will receive a Bugsby Reading System; second place will receive a Jungle Gym Giraffe, and the first place prize is a doozy: a VMotion console and - AND! - a Kidizoom camera! So, without further adieu (well, unless the jump counts as an adieu), here's the Best of The Worst...

THIRD PLACE: "Samantha Loathes Santa"


This piece has it all: terror, pathos (really, look at poor St. Nick. All he wants is for the children to love him. And they don't. 'Tis the season for a tall glass of warm Jagermeister, eh, Kringle?), and the Throne of Narnia. 

SECOND PLACE: "Scary Santa"


The photographer tells that "she was screaming so loud, nothing was coming out". That level of fear is right out of a Stephen King novel. "Don't worry, my child", Santa said in a voice filled with dirt and blood, "we all float down here."

FIRST PLACE: "Carter Screaming, Evie Stunned, Santa Just There"


And a Mele Kalikimaka to you! Carter is screaming and Evie is stunned because Mom and Dad told them they'd get to sit on Santa's lap and instead they got to sit on a surly Jimmy Buffett's - fresh from a round of golf, it seems. 

Thanks again to all of participants! And thanks to VTech for providing the prizes - they will also be making donations to each of the winner's local Toys For Tots centers.


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