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March 10, 2011


Joana-100-077s-coffee-break Oy, the yelling. Loud frustrated bursts. Raw throated exhaultations to "pleeease stop!" Red faced, chest-heaving exclamations at triple digit decibel levels. I don't know how the kids stand me.

I've been yelling too much lately. Way too much. My brain is no longer properly processing the ups and down of parenting. Instead of functioning synapses, I just have that big, multi-colored spinning pinwheel in my head, alerting me that thought process is still loading.

So. I'm on a break. I've retreated to the public library.  I sit and peck away on a reserved computer. Only 13 minutes left. I feel guilty for needing the break. Grateful to my wife for giving it to me. Relieved to be alone. Out of the house. Unfettered by the needy screeches and pointless stories. "No kidding Peanut? That's your princess barrett? Thank you for telling me. Again. The fourth time's the charm, right?  Of course, The first three times daddy was too busy to hear you because he was trying to fill his ears with fire ants . Love you too, honey."

And the Pumpkin Man. He has reached that point in his developement when his interests have turned to science. He is constantly testing the Law of Gravity and principles of Velocity. Often, like his predecessor Newton, with apples. Unlike Newton, he doesn't stop at apples. Yogurt, milk, Cheez-its (wasting Cheezits! The hubris!) blocks, pasta, the cat, his own bulbous head, all instruments of scientific discovery. He's nothing if not thorough.

And the screaming. The screaming. 

Spilling and dropping and throwing and screeching. It's like being locked in a hotel room with Led Zepplin. No Charlie Sheen references, please.

So I'm on this break. I walked to the library. Picked up my book. Reserved some others. Sat down at this computer and whined a little. 

Then I left. Took a little walk through what you could call our restaurant district. It has some restaurants. Walked home with my book tucked under my arm. Made dinner. Snuck out because the ice cream stand down the street has opened for the season. Everyone ate ice cream and then we danced to the Alvin and the Chipmunks version of Bad Romance. Or maybe it was Shake Your Grove Thang. Either way it was abominable, but still good enough for a family dance. Why did I need a break again?





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