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August 10, 2011

Stranger in a Strange Land? Poppycock!


While I've never really felt out of place at any of the three BlogHers I've attended, at 2011's installment in San Diego, I felt even more at home than I have at previous ones, as I knew I'd have several fellow DadCentric writers present, along with Doug French and his uncanny ability to work, "We're launching Dad 2.0 next March!" into any conversation, panel, or rallying cry.

Plus, I knew I'd know at least 5% of the 3000 women there, including one in the Old Testament sense, as I finally talked Mrs. Muskrat into making the trek. 

Despite the above, I was stopped Saturday afternoon by a woman after the "humor blogging" session with the folowing:

Her:  Hi, I'm -- (I forgot her name).  Were you in the humor blogging session?
Me:  I was!  Wasn't I humorous?
Her:  So, I have a question.
Me:  Okay.
Her:  How did you get here?
Me:  I had over 100,000 sky miles.  Plus a bunch of Marriott points.  We--
Her:  No.  I mean, do they just LET YOU IN?
Me:  I may be from Georgia, but I know when to wear shirts and shoes.  I even remembered my lanyard!
Her:  I mean, I'd heard males were allowed to come to BlogHer; I just didn't...
Me:  When you say "males," I look for the breeding Labradors.  What the f--
Her:  No...I mean.  So...you just came to BlogHer?
Me:  Yes.  I bought a ticket.  Via THE INTERNET.  Like I did for Mom 2.0 and the last two BlogHers!
Her:  Oh.  Why?
Me:  I have their little ad tower on my personal blog, and I like these people.  Writers are fun!
Her:  Oh!  I get it.  Men are coming for the same reasons women come to this conference!
Me:  Yes!  Can I interest you in a Twitter follow?

And so began another beautiful friendship via the world wide web.


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