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November 15, 2011

The Circle Is Now Complete: Babble Buys Me, Disney Buys Babble

Scary-mickey-mouseRemember the whole #OccupyBabble thing? Well, it has a twist ending. A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the folks at Babble - no, not with a bottle of chloroform and a baseball bat, but with an offer. Would I like to write for their new dad section, launching in mid-November? After some soul-searching, reflection, and deep contemplation - which lasted for all of five minutes - I said yes. 

Now, I know a few of you are thinking that I've gone to the Dark Side, thrown my principles out the window for a few bucks, am a complete hypocrite, etc. And with the announcement yesterday that Disney had purchased Babble for an unconfirmed but presumably hefty sum, you've probably thrown money-chaser into the mix. Fair enough. But here's something I thought about, and something that I hope you all consider. Despite what some think - even some folks who write for Babble - the parenting conversation has shifted, dads are more engaged as parents, commited dads are staunch advocates for a fundamental shift in the way that society views both dads AND moms, and dadbloggers are one of the driving forces behind that shift. As I said on my own blog, I had a choice: I could have circled my own wagon (this can be done, as Blazing Saddles proved), or I could accept an offer to join the conversation, which really was the point to all the #OccupyBabble silliness - giving dads a seat at the Big Parenting Website/Magazine table. Looking around, I don't see any other parenting site doing what Babble is. And if Disney is excited to get dads on board...well, the choice was an easy one. (And no, DadCentric isn't going anywhere.)

So swing by Babble today and check out the new Dadding section. I'm in great company: Ron Mattocks, Mike Adamick, and Michael Sheehan will be along for the ride. I'm sorta feeling like one of the original Mercury astronauts. With Mickey Mouse ears.


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