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June 27, 2012

Movie Time

See_you_at_the_movies_photosculpture-p153340086776253862z8wb9_400We took the kids to their first ever at-the-movie-theater movie yesterday. This is not a movie review, so I won't be getting to much into what movie it was, but the heroine was a red headed warrior princess and if you removed the "B" from the beginning of the title, you'd have a much different, much less appropriate for kids movie. 

This was a very big day for me, the kids' first movie theater movie. They seemed excited, too. I love the movies. Love going to the movies. Love talking about the movies. Back in the day, I'd see everything I could. Foreign and American, pretentious and low-brow, action packed and nap inducing. I once went and saw The Replacement Killers by myself just because I had two hours to kill. Threw those hours right off a fucking cliff. But, I still got to sit in the dark with a bunch of strangers and eat snacks and watch bigger than life figures sleep walk through a script and punch each other in the groin. Viva la Cinema!

We don't go to the movies very often anymore due to the double cash and kids whammy and the million different ways to see a movie at home, but I still love to go when we can. And now we have an excuse. The kids were tremendous. I don't know why I thought they'd be otherwise. Two vats of popcorn and a 70 foot screen filled with the clever creations of Pixar and I'm pretty sure we could've left and they wouldn't have noticed. 

It was a great choice for a first movie theater movie. They laughed--guffawed, really-- at the funny parts, their eyes got huge at the suspenseful parts, and they teared up at the sentimental parts. And by "they" I mean me. And by sentimental parts I mean anytime the little red-headed warrior princess on screen reminded me of my own little red-headed warrior princess. 

For the rest of the day yesterday and all day today, they've been running around with homemade bows,  shooting at the evil bear (me), and poking everything in the eye. Good times.

Which gives me an idea for a movie. Princess Merida vs. Katniss Everdeen in the ultimate Hunger Games. We'll take the kids to see that right after we take them to see Savages. Oliver Stone makes the best kid's movies. 



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