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June 14, 2012

Shaving Day or Another Great Weight Loss Routine

Oh man, what a blessed relief. 

It’s been 25 days since I stopped shaving my beard. I already had a decent bit of face-covering going on, but then Norelco came along and asked if a couple of us DadCentricians would be willing to grow out some hockey playoff beards and use their stuff to keep them in check. I’m not into hockey, but I was willing all the same, if for no other reason than to see just what this beard would look like if I just let it go for a bit. 

Pre shave
It didn’t really seem like it had grown all that much until about a week ago when I realized that I had hair permanently resting on my upper lip. That tells you how trim I usually keep it. At that point, I would normally be reaching for the clippers, but in this case, I was still waiting on Los Angeles and New Jersey to finish duking it out. It seemed a shame that all this beard growth wasn’t benefiting either team. That got me to thinking, what are some other reasons to let your beard go? A few thoughts:

  • Got a big home renovation you’re trying to do yourself? Let the beard grow until you’re done OR until you give up and call a professional. Norelco beard trimmer
  • Roadtrip! Leave the razor at home. 
  • Did you just have a kid? Dude, you got better things to do than deal with your face. Let that thing go nuts, at least until you can think straight.
  • Similar to the above, reader Eric left us a heart-wrenching comment a while back telling us how men in his family don’t shave while the mothers of their children are pregnant. When his son was born prematurely, he didn’t shave until they were able to bring him home from the hospital. Probably the best reason I can think of. 
  • Potty training. The hair grows until the kid goes - in the potty. 

It was a relief to finally be able to trim this thing. Not like it was to my knees or anything. You could still see the pictures on my ever-so-clever tee-shirts. Plus I live in Austin where beards are sort of like camouflage, so nobody but me had really noticed. 

I used the Norelco vacuum stubble and beard trimmer Pro to get the beard back under control. If this thing had absolutely nothing else to recommend it, it would still kick ass just by virtue of the fact that it vacuums the hair as it cuts it. Cleaning up the sink after the shave is worse than razor burn. The vacuum isn't perfect, a few hairs manage to escape into the sink, but the mess is hugely reduced. 

And, you know, it does a pretty nice job.

Post shave

So what about you guys, what might you be willing to grow a beard for? 


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