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June 19, 2012

ThermaCare's Rally For Relief Helps Me Help Myself, And Possibly You As Well

So the good news: I'm off of the crutches, and the massive Erector Set/Immobilizer that I had to wear on my right leg for the past month is now propped up in the corner of my bedroom, collecting dust and hateful glares. (Those of you who follow me on Twitter will be happy to know that my stream of whingy Tweets about my knee surgery has ended. Return to me, O followers. All is safe and well.)

And now the sucky part begins.

I've got several weeks of physical therapy ahead of me, which means that I'm going to be bending and contorting that right knee - which really has no interest in bending or contorting, because that didn't work out so well the last time it was bent and contorted - to the point of pain and beyond. That's fine. Mentally, I'd prepared for that going into the surgery, and after than hellish first week of post-op haziness and exhaustion I was ready to put my useless right leg back to work. Not that easy, of course. Six months, the doc said, until your right leg is back at the level it was before you tore it it up. (Bonus: since I'd probably had a few minor ACL tears that went undetected prior to The Big One, my right knee will be better than it was before I destroyed it.) That meant a summer without surfing, running, and rugby. Which was how I was planning on keeping myself in shape. Which I had been in, prior to the injury.

Which means that I gotta hit the gym.

I'm not a huge fan. When I get my exercise, I like to actually be doing something fun - running down a trail, riding on a wave, driving my shoulder into some dude and knocking him on his ass. Lifting weights and riding an exercise bike were necessary evils, done so that I could enjoy doing the above things. Gyms are full of guys who ask each other "HOWMUCHYABENCHBRO?" and tell each other how huge they're looking. ("BRO! YOU! ARE LOOKING HUGE! HOWMUCHYABENCH?!") With a bum right wheel, though, my options are limited. The other happy thought: when you're been couchbound for over a month thanks to surgery, your muscles go to seed in a hurry. My right legshrunk. And the rest of me is rapidly deflating as well. So I'm not looking forward to the reboot I'm going to have to endure. Still, endure it I shall - I'm not ready to shuffle off into old age just yet, especially since I was in pretty good shape before I got jacked up. Plus I've got kids I need to give surfing lessons to and coach in the fine art of tackling. 

Luckily, I got a pitch from the folks at ThermaCare - use their fairly ingenious HeatWraps for a few months, write about 'em, tell you folks about their Rally For Relief campaign, get paid, and get some relief for my soon-to-be-aching back and (when I've passed the ice-only stage) recovering knee. ThermaCare states that their single-use HeatWraps, when slapped on to your back can provide up to 16 hours of nice, soothing pain-relieving warmth. I have a feeling that I'll be testing that claim after my first set of seated rows and lat pulldowns. 

I'll be updating you on my progress once a month, and to reward your patience, I'll give one lucky commenter (selected at random) a ThermaCare Gift Pack consisting of 16 lower back/hip wraps. All you have to do is tell me your favorite gym exercise, and do it by 8:00 PM PST on Weds, June 20. (Mine used to be power cleans, but I won't be doing those for a while.) I'll get some great suggestions, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing you helped a brother out, and hey, you might score some free stuff. See? Everybody wins.

Thermacare rally for relief

This post is part of a sponsored campaign hosted by ThermaCare, for which I received compensation. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claim about ThermaCare as a product or its effectiveness. 




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