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June 08, 2012

Win a Trip and Eat Well Trying!

World-harbors-maui-mountain-marinadeSummer is here, and the time is right for dancing in the street. Also, grilling (watch for cars). That's right, forget the Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, and/or the Olympics, the real official sport of summer involves you, some hot coals, and an apron with something ironic written across it. I would also have accepted some tasty waves and a cool buzz.

And now for something totally personal. This is the first summer in which I am officially a Pescetarian, which has little to do with my religious beliefs, and even less to do with my being a Pisces. Basically, it means that I mainly eat like a vegetarian, but once in a while I'll eat a fish.  Sorry, Nemo.

That's where World Harbors comes in. World Harbors has a number of marinades that spice up your grilling needs, and I grill fish. I bet they'd even taste good on meat (if you're into that kind of thing).

I went with the World Harbors Maui Mountain Teriyaki and a beautiful cut of halibut. The fish soaked in the marinade for about an hour while I lit the grill and watched my wife whip up some mango salsa and avocado aioli. It was like moral support. There may have been a couple pints of Franziskaner. Each.

Then tacos happened.

The pineapple kick in the Maui Mountain Teriyaki paired perfectly with the halibut, mango, and avocado (plus cabbage and red onion in case you are scoring at home). Dinner was delicious. The only thing missing was a beach.

Kind of makes you want to go to Maui, doesn't it? Well, you can (maybe). Other possible destinations include Fiji, Tahiti, Cabo, a tropical cruise, and the totally opposite, but still lovely, New England.

How can you win an amazing trip to such amazing locations?

Easy. The good folks at World Harbors are giving away six (6) trips to one of the locations listed above and all you have to do to enter is purchase one (one chance to win per bottle) the following World Harbors Marinades: Maui Mountain Teriyaki, Maui Mountain Sweet ’N Sour, or a Jamaican Style Jerk Marinade by September 3, 2012. The six winning bottles will each have a “golden label” in it

Yes, you've got a golden chance to make your way, and with the golden label it can be a golden day. Look, a golden sun up in the sky!*

The Golden Label Giveaway by World Harbors Marinades is part of their "Passports to Flavor" sweepstakes, and who doesn't want to go there? I hear Flavor is nice this time of year.

Visit World Harbors on Facebook for more information, coupons, and fun!

Good luck, and happy grilling!

*Paraphrased from the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory song "I've Got a Golden Ticket" which should be obvious. Also, this post was sponsored by the folks at Mizkan/World Harbors, which also should be obvious.


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