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August 23, 2012

If It's the Beaches

Point Dume
Sometimes we go early in the morning when the beach is heavy with marine layer and promise. Sometimes we go late in the evening when the sun is sinking slowly into the sea and the sky is streaked with stains of sherbet. We have been there in the darkness on both sides of the day like sand-covered bookends thick from words and wet with waves.

Some days we sit in chairs, on blankets, towels, or the beach itself. We may throw a ball, drink a beer, fly a kite, eat an apple, dig a hole, or build castles from scratch. Some days we just walk as far as we can, then we turn around and walk it back again.

There are beautiful people scantily clad in the corner of our sunglasses and reflections of our reality turning red, making mad souvenirs from sunburns. 

The boys find seashells, bits of jellyfish, bulbs of seaweed, and bees for bare feet to step on. We keep time with the dolphins that swim laps beside us.

Our feet are always wet, our knees quite often, and the deeper we get the less likely it happens. Then there are the days with boards and breaks when nothing may ever be dry again.

The tide, it ebbs, it flows. We watch it storm the beach and we miss it like a memory. There is poetry in the lines of an ocean.

The boys run ahead, fall back, chase birds and then each other. They match our pace, and there is good talking there. The boys run ahead, fall back, chase dreams and then each other. They catch the moment and let it go again.

The air tastes of sweat and seawater, and it lingers sweet between the echoes of crashing waves and carefree laughter. We load our pails with all the childhood we can carry, and we feel our feet sink deeper in the sand.

Honea Boys on Beach

Disclaimer: I understand that the song, "If It's the Beaches" by The Avett Brothers is about romance and not parenting, but the only other beach song that came to mind was Bette Midler's tune about the wind and the wings, and frankly, I can't be a part of that. Besides, my boys really like The Avett Brothers and want to take banjo lessons, which is cool. Thank you for understanding.


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