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September 14, 2012

You Should Use Dove Men + Care Stuff Because Steven McMichael Does And He Is A Professional Badass.

The title of this post should clue you in: it's sponsored by the good folks at Dove Men+Care, who still sponsor our posts despite (or, we suspect, because of) our wanton use of profanity and crass approach to discussing their products. A few weeks back, the good folks at Dove Men+Care asked if I'd like to fire a fire questions at Steven McMichael. Who is Steven McMichael, you ask? Steven McMichael has what may well be the coolest job on the planet: he is an on-screen combat/stunt coordinator. In other words, he does fight scenes for movies, training actors and actresses to do spin kicks and use broadswords and dodge bullets. A retired Marine, he has been in the action movie business for 12 years. Dude was Hugh Jackman's stunt double in the first X-Men flick, y'all.


Hugh Jackman: clearly not as badass as his stunt double, Steven McMichael


Like I said: coolest job ever. Right now he's working on a small art house movie about short people, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and its sequel, The Hobbit; The Desolation of Smaug. I asked Steven a few questions about his job and how he stays in shape, and yes, nerds, I got some info on those Hobbit flicks.

You've worked on some cool movies with some great actors. In terms of toughness, who surprised you the most?

Milla Jovovich. Her toughness was quite a surprise on 'Resident Evil: Extinction'. We were shooting in sweltering heat in Mexico and she never once complained and did a great deal of her own action including wire work.

MMA and other martial arts have become an increasingly popular way for guys to get in shape. What are some things we should look when looking to start a martial arts training program?

Do your research on all the different disciplines including traditional schools and see which one best suits your lifestyle and goals. If you are looking for a new fitness routine, MMA is definitely a great workout as it combines wrestling, circuits and cardio. There are various MMA disciplines like Jujitsu, JKD and Taekwondo, but I would say Jujitsu is the best for guys interested in keeping up their physical fitness. MMA is great too because it is convenient – almost every community center has an MMA type training program.

What type of equipment should be a part of every guy’s workout?

Strength bands. They're lightweight, storable and portable. Isometric exercise is great for strength and cardio conditioning at all levels. There's a great deal of workout ideas available on YouTube. I’d also say that all guys should have a dependable deodorant or antiperspirant for every workout. Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact deodorant/AP provides powerful 48-hour protection without causing skin irritations like many other strong deodorants.

We're really geeking out over seeing "The Hobbit" this Christmas. What can we expect from the battle scenes?

I can't stay too much until the film is released, but you can expect a lot of major action packed battle scenes (I worked on similar scenes in I,Robot – to give you a sense of the scale). Choreographing these battle scenes was a huge undertaking, and they are quite gruesome. If you’ve read the book you know about the Goblin tunnels, which will be a long scene of intense killings – 13 dwarfs in a non-stop running battle defaming at least 20 goblins each. We trained for about a month for this scene alone!




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