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October 24, 2012

The Vision Bored

"We should do a vision board."

"Yes, yes we should. What's a vision board?"

"It's a way of visualizing goals, plans, even stuff you want. You make a board, and you pin pictures of those things to it. If you want to go to, say, Hawaii, you put up a picture of Hawaii. If there's a dream house you want, you put up a picture of it. You want to get your book published - put up a picture of something representing your book. It helps you keep your eyes on the prize."

"Like Rocky putting that picture of Mr. T up on his locker room mirror."


I thought about this. There was quite a bit of merit to what Beth was saying, and there was that whisper in the back of my mind, reminding me that I'd reached Year 8 of Blogging. On the one hand, I had very little to show for it, other than a few Twitter followers, some cool trips and a shitload of Disney Blu-rays and Xbox games. On the other, my online life had opened up some doors here in Meatworld, giving me some opportunities that I wouldn't have had otherwise. A vision board. What would I put up there? A picture of UC Berkeley, for the kids? A map of Europe, because we're actually at a point where we can afford to travel? This? 

Can-Am Spyder
The past seven months have been a blur; new job, trying to maintain the blog, getting some freelance writing work, revising and re-revising the book proposal. It didn't occur to me until that very moment, in the car with Beth and the kids on yet another Target run, that there would be the possibility of actual REWARDS for such effort, and that perhaps we'd arrived - if not at that point, at least at the point where we could start thinking about that point. I felt like I should be somewhat excited. Instead, I was a bit apprehensive. Everything over the past few years had been a means to an end, and now that end - or a new beginning - was looming. Knowing that you've gotten not only older, but wiser, even perhaps better...Jesus! That's some pressure right there. What the hell do you do with that? 

"So do you like the idea? Should we do a vision board?"

"Yes," I said. "But...what kind of board do we use? Cork? Magnetic? And where do we put it?"

"Hmm," Beth said.

"Yeah," I replied. "We're gonna need a vision board for our vision board."


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