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June 10, 2013

Five Fantastic Father's Day Gifts

Dad doesn’t need much. But this year, surprise your pops with the gift of a lifetime. He’s been stashing those tchotchkes you’ve given him for years and cluttering up his desk with all those heartfelt, yet cheesy, items. Here are five gifts that he will put to use and brag about.


  1. Camera: Lomo Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter. Go old school on your pops with this medium-format camera. Just don’t forget to supply him with some film. http://shop.lomography.com/us/belair-jetsetter
  2. Paddleboard: Dennis Pang U’ila Hollow custom paddleboard. He won’t stop talking about the master craftmanship that went into shaping this board plus he’ll get a nice anaerobic workout in the process. http://www.dennispangsurfboards.com
  3. Low-drop Shoes: Feelmax shoes. It all started with those silly barefoot looking ones but now research has shown that you don’t need all that padding stuffed into a tennis shoe. The Feelmax Osma 3 is a stylish shoe that won’t have people gawking on your kooky father’s fancy footwear. Plus they are good for the sole. http://feelmax.fi/index.php/en/shoes/osma3/
  4. Bow: Mathews Conquest Apex 8. Pops doesn’t have to be a hunter to enjoy this thing. This sucker will give him a reason to hone his archery skills…or start a new hobby. http://mathewsinc.com/product/conquest-apex-8/
  5. Whiskey: Bourbon whiskey that is. Pappy Van Winkle’s is oak aged for 23 years. Because all men, no matter what their age, need to be able to unwind and relax. He’ll be bragging about this Father’s Day gift to his buddies for years to come. http://oldripvanwinkle.com/products/pappy-van-winkles-family-reserve-23yr/



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