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August 19, 2013

Energizer Portable Lights With Light Fusion Technology Are Awesome, Powerful, Puppet Show Friendly

This is something I've admitted to very few people: I'm a Flashight Dork. I geek out over flashlights and their bulked-up cousins, Battery Powered Lanterns. In my past homes I've rarely been without at least six, and they've all had something that made them stand out - made of battleship-grade steel, waterproof, halogen bulbs, rubberized thumb switches...my flashlights are not just flashlights, they are Experiences In Human Hand-Carried Illumination. 

My love of flashlights stems from a long-past need to have ones that actually worked in harsh conditions: I lived in Alaska for three years, and along with all of the outdoorsy stuff - long-haul backpacking and canoe trips - there was six months of winter and accompanying darkness, and ice on the power lines could spell long, pitch black nights if one didn't have a good torch handy. (That's what the Brits call flashlights - torches. Classy. With the added bonus of instilling confidence should one fear a sudden wolf attack or need to join the mob storming Doctor Frankenstein's castle.) I learned the value of a good flashlight. 

So of course I nerded out when the good folks at Energizer® gave me the opportunity to play with three awesome new lights - Energizer®'s LED 3 In 1 Light, LED Pop Up Lantern, and LED Folding Lantern, all pictured below: 


Along with the lights, I was issued a challenge: find a fun and unique way to use them. This shouldn't have been that hard. The 3 In 1 Light serves as a handheld flashlight, an area light, and (thanks to a folding bipod) a directional task light, for instance. That's useful (on a light backpacking trip, it saves weight and space; in the garage, you just need one of these lights instead of three others) AND fun! The Pop Up Lantern...well, it pops up! (Sounds like a trivial thing, but a lantern with a light that can be folded into the body, like a turtle head back into its shell, is a tremendous thing to have when the house contains small children who delight in breaking lights.) And the Folding Lantern is pretty powerful - 300 Lumens, which...ok, I don't know what a Lumen is, sounds like an evil alien race from Dr. Who...but it can illuminate a small room handily. Three great, multitasking portable lights! The possibilities - endless!

The problem was that I wasn't out backpacking, or facing the challenges of heavy weather, or working on a massive automotive project in a tool-laden garage; no, the kids and I were in my apartment, tiny and Spartan, with cranky neighbors below. I put it to them: come up with something fun to do with the lights, kids. After about 15 seconds of deliberation, I got an answer: "PUPPET SHOW!" "Ok," I said. "Have at it." And so a makeshift stage was constructed, the 3 In 1 was put into Task Light configuration and became a spotlight, the Folding Lantern became a backlight, and...well, let us just say that Larry David needn't fear losing his King Of Improvisational Comedy title, and The Muppets have a whole lot of job security. But the kids had fun, the lights worked like a charm, and no noise complaints were filed. Everybody wins.

(Yeah, I'm certainly no Terrance Malick. This post was brought to you by Energizer®. Click here to learn more about Energizer® Portable Lights with Light Fusion Technology.)


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