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“A true outlaw finds the balance between the passion in his heart and the reason in his mind. The outcome is the balance of might and right.” – Jackson “Jax” Teller [reading from his father’s unpublished manuscript]
“I got no answers, my family plan is right out of the Sid and Nancy handbook. I’m so used to shit movin’ in the other direction, I don’t know what I’d do if something actually hooked up.” – Jackson “Jax” Teller

Harley Davidson Super Glide Sport? Check. Club leathers? Check. 9mm in shoulder holster? Check. Kiss son on forehead before you chase a Mayan down, shoot him in the head, desecrate the body and frame him for a drive-by? Check. Check. You betcha fuckin’ ass check.

Jackson “Jax” Teller, vice president of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO or, as they are otherwise known, Sam Crow) suddenly finds himself conflicted. On the one hand, Jax is a tattooed one percenter, an ex-con, a member of the Men of Mayhem (meaning he has killed on behalf of the club), the second-in-command of a group of bikers who make their money selling guns to whomever has the cash, primarily the drug gangs. On the other, Jax is a new father to Abel, who was born premature because his mother (Jax’s ex-wife) was a voracious meth addict. And that birth has got Jax re-examining himself, the club and his place in it.