I just finished reading this little article about a high school wrestler who, while pinned down by his opponent during practice, was subjected to a face full of sack from a third high school-aged individual who saw an opportune moment to T-bag the poor bastard while he was incapacitated. The baller – so to speak – was subsequently arrested and released on bond equal to $500 per testicle. This got me thinking…

First of all, the T-bagger just earned himself some major locker room cred right there, man. Damn! That was hella badass. Second, and probably more importantly, how do you ensure the communication lines are open when your young son begins to wonder whether or not (or how) he should flop his junk around on other kids’ faces? As we all dream of one day, it would be great to have the type of relationship with our children that allows them to tell us or ask us anything, but, let’s be honest…that may not happen with this kind of stuff. Is there some literature or maybe some Best Practices books on the seedy underbelly of locker room shenanigans?

I have girls, mind you. My wife will be handling this shit in my family. I’m just trying to look out for you other guys.

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