There are precious few Must Visit sites for dads on the Interwebs, but DadLabs is one of them. Clay Nichols and his band of merry men have been putting out fantastic videos for new and veteran fathers for a while. Here, Clay shares with us a letter he wrote to his 8-year-old daughter, currently away at camp.

Dear Ri-ri,

I can see from the photos posted on the camp website that you are having a ball with all the girls in your cabin, smiling and enjoying the many activities. Nevertheless, I think you should come home because I’m having a major identity crisis.

You mother says “hi” and also that I should not impose my “personality issues” on an 8-year-old. You know mom and her opinions! Ha, ha.

So about coming home from camp.

Here’s the thing: These days everybody calls me my real name instead of “daddy,” the people that mow the soccer fields ask rude questions about why I’m sitting there, even though there are no games going on, and you took the Dear Dumb Diary books with you, so I have nothing interesting to read (and when I do find something, mom gets grumpy when I read it out loud to her).

Also, the food here is terrible because mom is making me cook for myself.

In the meantime, a few things to bring up with your counselor:

-The daily photos were posted at exactly 9:17AM on Sunday, but not until 9:32 on Monday. This kind of inconsistently makes it hard for me to schedule my mornings. Please ask for a fix.

-Does she have any suggestions of summer camps where parents are allowed to go, too? Specific camps, web site urls and pricing would be appreciated.

-We think this whole thing about not being able to directly communicate with you via cellphone or preferably video conferencing is crazy. (Can you say “Luddites?”) If we could get an explanation of the thinking behind this policy, we/I would be grateful.

Obviously I would never come get you unless leaving camp was your idea, so think about it, and also that I will buy you a pony and an iPad if you do.

Have fun! (But it’s okay if you don’t.)