Matthew Henry is the father of twins; he writes about his adventures over at his popular blog Child’s Play x2. He’s one of the few dadbloggers I’ve met in real life, and he’s just like his online persona: genuinely nice, funny, smart, and a great dad to boot. Here, he waxes poetic about his life as a father.


I’ve changed my share of diapers at a quarter-to-three
I’ve stirred breast milk into my coffee while smelling like pee
I’ve done the hokey pokey and turned myself around
I’ve licked clean the errant binky upon it falling to the ground.

I’ve mastered the ponytail but fumbled with a braid,
I’ve cherished every drawing that my daughter’s ever made.
I’ve learned to laugh at jokes that involve the word “poop.”
I’ve taught my son the difference between a sedan and a coupe.

I’ve given reassuring hugs after cries out in the night.
I’ve tickled little wiggling bellies amid shrieks of delight.
I’ve scolded and I’ve lectured and I’ve given a few time outs
I’ve tried to hide my smiles over exaggerated pouts.

I’ve struggled every day to be the man my son should be
I’ve resolved to show my daughter a man with integrity
I’ve realized that every day has lessons to be taught
I’ve learned that I don’t know nearly as much as I thought.

I’ve learned my dad missed a lot and that he must be pretty pissed
To die at such an early age and see all that he missed.
I’ve tried to be the man that he would want for his son
I’ve tried to make up for all he missed by finishing what was left undone

And while in June we get one day to celebrate being a dad
I’ve determined to dwell on the happy things rather than the sad.
I really am so fortunate to have the children that I do
Even if they do spend so much time talking about poo.

But being a dad is more than I ever thought it could be
Even when you factor in the times you end up smelling like pee
For when things get crazy and hectic because these twins are in my life,
It’s times like this that I remember – I can always blame my wife.
Happy Father’s Day (Month?!) to all the awesome dads out there!