You know him as Mocha Dad; Frederick has been blogging about his experiences as a dad since 2008, and if you ever have doubts about why being a good dad is a reward unto itself, go check out his site: it’s a warm, humorous, and positive reminder of the importance of fatherhood. (Plus, the dude can rock a suit.) Here’s Frederick’s look at one of the last bastions of Guyhood:

MochadadThe barbershop is a great place where men can be men. When I say barbershop, I mean a place that has actual barbers – guys wielding straight razors and precision clippers, not stylists or manicurists. You simply cannot blow off steam and revel in your manhood while getting your nails done or listening to Enya.

The barbershop allows guys from all walks of life to interact and let their guards down. Every time someone walks in the door, there is a round of fist bumps and hand slaps. We discuss politics, sports, cars, and of course women. There is also a lot of chest thumping, good-natured ribbing and some burping.

Because of my hubris, I almost missed the opportunity to share these experiences with sons.