The dad-blog-o-sphere is stacked with stories of raising young kids. But as more and more dads start telling their stories online, we’re getting to hear the voices of those whose “kids” are all grown up. Paul Alan Ruben, a writer and two-time Grammy award-winning producer who lives in New York City, sent us this story of a discussion he recently had with his older son.


“But it’s my blog.” I protested.

“Dad, you can’t put your essays on the blog.”


“Because that’s not a blog’s purpose.”

“It’s my purpose.”


Uh-oh. His tone, still compassionate, has defaulted to “Right, I am talking to a Luddite” mode.

“Look, you don’t post formally written essays on a blog, unless they’re published. Then you can provide a link to them. One of my old Columbia professors has a blog.”

My twenty-five year old son graduated from Columbia University in May with an MA in English Literature. A philosophy guy, he favored literary theory over ‘the novel’. Rather than dissecting a specific novel in order to draw a conclusion based on a particular theme, he preferred delving into how we should read fiction in the first place; like, the philosophy of novel reading.

“Look, I really don’t have to go to your professor’s blog.”

“You should.”

Now the father who graduated in the middle of his class from Yankton College, S. Dakota, is getting a teeny bit defensive. “Why, because she’s from Columbia?”

“Trust me. It’ll help you blog properly.”

Our eyes swerved to the kitchen counter; Brandon swiftly grabbed his vibrating cell phone and, like he always does, pressed it to his ear as if Obama were on the other end. “Yo! Julian, ‘sup…my bad, but I’m down for tonight.” Brandon’s voice faded as he left the kitchen. “No, just talkin’ to my Dad…”

There I stood, alone, holding the blog, so to speak.