You may know Brian Braiker from his Twitter handle, @slarkpope. His offbeat wit belies the fact that he’s a Real Journalist who’s contributed to Newsweek, Rolling Stone, People, and a bunch of other publications, and who now works as an editor for He is cooler than you or I because he rolls with Bootsy Collins. Despite his journo-cred, Brian’s true love is haiku, specifically the sub-genre of haiku – known to the Japanese as dadku – that focuses on fatherhood. He is a master of the form. We’ll be bringing you some of his better-known works throughout the month of June. Kampai!


Since becoming Dad

My heart has increased in size

So has my liver


Of all lovers past,

Your embrace I mourn the most.

Why’d you leave me, sleep?


Coffee gives me strength

To get me through the morning.

And so does coffee.


You are correct, child.

Your sister looks much better

Without so much hair.