7 Grand Dad Meme & Rom on Super Mario Bros

In this age and time of memes, one has stood out and left masses asking questions about its origin; 7 Grand Dad! Recent records do not provide much information about the game. Therefore, we have dug through library and internet archives to bring you the most reliable information about 7 Grand Dad.

So, what is 7 Grand Dad?

Well, what many of you may not know is that 7 Grand Dad is not a millennial game. Instead, this meme making game is a 1992 game, probably older than most of you reading this. If you think pirating started recently, then think again because 7 Grand Dad, commonly referred to as Grand Dad, was pirated from the Flintstones, which is a Nintendo entertainment system game.

The infamous Grand Dad is one of the weirdest but funniest games ever to come out. The Flintstones and Mario crossbreed modifies the screen name and the screen logo. The bootleg game replaces Fred Flintstone’s head with Mario maintaining all other Fred’s graphics.

The rather bizarre rendition of Mario was nicknamed Fortran because of the big F on his t-shirt while Mario usually had an M and also because of the name discovered in its computer programming language the game was coded in. The game did not, however, gain an audience among its bootleg community because of its simple alterations.

The game has come to millennium’s attention due to Joel reaction to 7 Grand Dad, as he plays to the highest level and when he loads the last level of the game, the 7-in-1 bootleg ROM pops up.

His reaction, “Grand Dad! Flintstones? Oh, Grand Dad! What the fuck!” has gained the attention of many as it is a sauce of entertainment.

Similarly, 7 Grand Dad has had several clicks on its website as people try to find out what the game is all about. Another contributor to the meme gone viral is a YouTube channel which specializes in making parody game music remixes. Silvergunner has made several uploads using the Flintstones theme melody.

How is this game played?

There are two codes to cheating in this game. The first one is pressing select on the screen. The action mixes up the stage order up until the castle level. To revert to the original stage settings, one would have to die at least once. The use of Up plus start refills the health meter by three hearts. The enter key starts the game, and arrow keys are for moving around in whatever direction you want, the space bar selects while the Z and X keys are action play keys. The f5 and f8 keys are used to save or load the game.

Little is known about this intriguing game. The only tips that people are aware of are that the game is yet another creation of the maker of Mario Fighter 3 which is also a hack of the original game Street Fighter 2, and Mario 5, a hack of the Armadillo. The adventure game was produced by a Taiwanese company called J.Y company.

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