A week chock full of Events, and as of 6:45 PM PST Monday November 2, I’d yet to even begin a post. DadCentric is my job. Writer’s block isn’t an option. If I were my boss, I’d fire me.

Two days at Disneyland! We stayed at the Paradise Pier Hotel! Had a great time! No crowds!


Zoe turned 2 yesterday! She’s growing up so fast!

Not Yawn, but something on the opposite end: she’s my little girl, and as odd as it may seem for someone whose current career is based upon writing about his kids, I’m terribly protective of her. Even the good stuff, I keep to myself. You’ll get to know her, readers, but 2 seems like such an ending, and although she’s technically a “toddler” (she sprints – a lot – so I classify her as a Sproddler), she’s still my baby. We’re done with having kids, she’s the last one, two and out, and there’s a wistfulness that makes me want to horde all of this time, these stories, to myself. (I’ll give you a moment: we were in the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room, and whatever cynicism I had about being serenaded by the clacking beaks of wooden and plastic birds, poorly synched to an aging waxy soundtrack, was dissolved by small clapping hands and exuberant squeals. It was a wonder. The birds and the flowers sang, and they sang to her; but then, when you’re two, the whole world sings to you.)


Everybody ate too much candy.

So, tonight: the kids had been fed, Zoe was asleep, Lucas on the couch watching some inane show on the Cartoon Network, I sat in front of the laptop, searching for inspiration. As he does so often, he let slip what was on his mind; a non sequitur in a one-sided conversation between himself and who or whatever happens to be in the room with him. “I didn’t like Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs at first but now I do.”

“Well, it’s a classic,” I replied. “Zoe likes it.”

“Me too.”

“What do you like about it?”, I asked him.

He paused to think. “Well…I like the dwarfs. They’re funny. Parts of it are sad and parts are scary. But Snow White gives the dwarfs and the prince a happy ending.”