We got the call this morning. Then, a conversation I’d been dreading.

“Lucas…remember when we told you that Nana was very sick?”


“Well…last night, she died.”

“Oh.” He suddenly looked very tired and a little frightened. A whisper: “I’m sad.” He hugged us, first Beth, then me.

“It’s ok to be sad. Mommy and I, we’re very sad. We all loved her so much. And when I went on my trip last week and saw her she told me to tell you that she loved you very much too.”

He looked up. “When will she be alive again?”

“Oh, honey.” Beth and I looked at each other. “She won’t be alive again. But some people…some people believe that after you die, you come back as something else. Others believe that when you die you go to a place called Heaven and you live there, forever. We don’t really know, but we do know that she lived such a wonderful life, saw so many amazing places and did so many amazing things, and had so many people that loved her.”

She wrapped him up in her arms, I rested my hand on his back, and we sat like that for a while. Through the open window came the sigh of an ocean breeze.