OK, Dads, one of these days you’re going to exhaust any semblance of youth you may have had left in you and find yourself suddenly staring the downhill portion of your life in the eyes like a deer in headlights. You’ll wonder where it all went.  You may even find yourself briefly shedding a tear or two.  Don’t fret, though.  There’s solace in embracing your twilight years.  You are now legally entitled to one mid-life-crisis purchase.  Yes, I believe it’s a legal right – probably in your nuptials somewhere.  Regardless, let no one contest it.

Perhaps it’s a Viper you’ve been eyeballing all these years.  Perhaps a Sea Ray.  If you’re single, maybe it’s even one of these.  We all have our dream purchases.  Fellas…I have made mine and I am here to tell you about it.

The 2006 Harley-Davidson FXDBI Street Bob – ($14,300 as shown).
1450ccs of stripped down, blacked out, mechanical perfection.  Everything that isn’t legally required to be on the bike has been chopped off…and it’s pissed.  A brand new model for the 2006 Dyna Glide series, the bike weighs in at a frisky 634lbs and the big V-Twin pushes 85ft.lbs. of torque on the rear wheel.  A monster.

Totally redesigned for 2006, the Dyna series comes with a completely new frame, a new EZ-Pull clutch and a smooth  6-speed transmission.  The bikes are as nimble as they come.  I hadn’t ridden in 15 years and found myself comfy and cozy after the first 3 or 4 minutes of riding.  In addition, the 06 Street Bob boasts a 49mm wide front end (the big stuff), an over sized gas tank and a 160mm rear wheel.  This puppy is thick.  Also unique about this model is the “Denim Black” paint.  Basically flat black, the Denim Black is made to age like a pair of jeans.  No polished up gloss on this one.  In fact, the entire bike is begging you to lay off the chrome and shiny stuff.  And it’s an eye catcher, guys.  I’ve had it for 3 weeks and have had no less than a dozen people ask about it at stop lights.  And speaking of stop lights…after I switched out the stock mufflers for some Screamin’ Eagle Pro IIs, I’m a mobile “Hot For Teacher” intro.  You’re next to me at a light and you’ll know I’m there.

Designed to look like the old stripped-down “bobber” bikes of the WWII era, the Street Bob is a chopper in the classic sense.  No flash, no frills and totally unique.  A total “fuck you” to the chromed-out dresser bikes everyone else gets.  Go check one out!

I would say I’m absolutely content with my mid-life crisis purchase.  I’ve always wanted an old school-looking Harley, the timing was right, the price was right and the wife was encouraging.  I’m no fool; I jumped at the chance.  🙂