So – the missus and I were planning on a little outing today, but the little guy appears to be a bit under the weather, so we’ll hold off until he’s feeling better. Since he’s been getting bigger and stronger, as some of you may have seen over at my other hangout, we thought it might be good to start using the Baby Bjorn. Mrs. Big Dubya has used it a couple of times with our son but he always seemed to lose interest, then get fussy and then have an all-out meltdown – the sort of which would have those busy-bodies with child services on speed-dial lighting up the switchboard. We figure he’s five months now, a little more poundage on his frame and he’s certainly long enough that he could face outward rather than inward now. We’re not going anywhere today so the issue is probably moo, but when I offered to wear the Bjorn, my wife looked at me rather oddly.

“It’s really…um…less than manly.”

Needless to say, I was shocked. Shocked I say. I replied that I’ve pushed his stroller, carried his car seat…carried him. “Is that less than manly?”

“Well, the stroller maybe. Not the carrying. You’re a big strapping guy…you pushing the stroller just looks a little…odd. That’s all.”

I don’t think it looks odd. I think it looks like what it is – I’m a father proudly pushing the stroller around the mall. Besides, the stroller has cup holders – what could be more manly? Now, if I could figure out how to rig my XM and get spinners for the stroller, we’d be all set.