Since I lived in a galaxy far, far away from my parents back in my children’s days of Gerbers and dry Cheerios, we’d hop on a plane a few times a year so the wee ones could have some grandparent time. To make these adventures easier on us, we bought or borrowed a few duplicate pieces of essential baby gear to leave at their place for these visits.

Among these items was a highchair.

Was it some trendy French designed/German engineered model featuring space-age alloy plating and titanium trimmings?

Did it have 64 height settings and 37 reclining options?

Was it turbocharged with solid-state, digitally fuel-injected DroppingsAlert!TMĀ Seating that automatically sets off warning lights and sounds to notify you when certain items find their way onto the cushions (food — whole or partially chewed: green light, bike horn; beverage or urine: yellow light, waterfall effect; vomit or poop: brown light, 128-decibel air raid siren)?