Over the past couple of months my creativity had all but disappeared. After losing my job—a fact my wife and I kept very close to the vest—my desire to write felt more like a chore than anything enjoyable. I slogged through posts, sometimes taking days to finish them, if I finished them at all. I can’t tell you how many times I would call up something I wrote only to read it and ask, “Who the hell wrote this? This isn’t me.” Delete.

I held out hope that since I was home with the kids, they would provide fodder for posts—kids say (and do) the darndest things, or so I’m told. And they do, but with job hunting and an inability to get them out into some fresh air, what with rain of Biblical proportions in the Northeast, I had to contend with their bickering (as young boys and toddler girls often do) and the unending string of Noggin theme songs slowly eating at my brain. Braaaains, Wubzy groans. Braaaaains, echoes Kai-Lan. All of them in service to their masters, Dora and Diego. The zombies di tutti zombies.