Apparently, there’s been quite the firestorm with regard to Bebe Gloton – the breast-feeding baby doll manufactured in Spain. Bebe Gloton – “greedy baby” or “baby glutton” or “hungry mouth to feed” (your translations may vary) – allows girls to simulate feeding the baby. To round-out the realism, the baby comes complete with a halter with flaps, similar to those seen in nursing bras, but instead of areolae and nipples, there are strategically-placed pasties daisies. The baby also makes “sucking” sounds as it feeds and will cry when it is hungry. Bonus!

Now, before any of you get your knickers in a knot, my wife breast-fed our three children. To paraphrase The Doobie Brothers, breast-feeding is just alright with me. However, breast-feeding, at least for this writer, is not the issue. Those of us with daughters, specifically those of the older sister or middle child type, have seen them, at times, simulate breast-feeding their own dolls. Whether Elmo’s getting a little mid-day snack or “mommy” thinks Barbie needs to put on some weight, the activity is, more or less, an an emulation of their own mothers. A very admirable display. That being said, since our youngest is no longer breast-fed, our daughter hasn’t “fed” any of her dolls in this fashion lately – which might explain why Elmo was chasing Dora around with a knife and fork. Ahem.