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What is the Best Dad Diaper Backpack? Top Diaper Bag for Dads in 2020 Perhaps the proudest man is one…

Perhaps the proudest man is one with a child on the way. The idea of having become a dad is enticing in many ways. However, when the baby comes, dad’s mostly have no idea what to do.

With time, we begin to get the gist of it. There is pride in walking around and going out with your child. However, when you have a toddler, you cannot just pick your wallet, phone, and keys and be on your way. There are other things to consider, like diapers.

When it comes to carrying diapers, you need a diaper bag as part of your package. Most dads are adamant about carrying diaper bags because a majority of them are too feminine. However, there are diaper bags designed for dads. A good diaper bag for dads can fit all the gear you need the likes of bottles, pacifiers, baby wipes, and other baby essentials.

In recent years, there are several companies that have come up with different designs of diaper bags that are both masculine and efficient in their purpose. The best brands of dad diaper bags are stylish designs that allow for a man not to lose his sense of style while rocking the dad thing.

Best Diaper Bag Backpack for Dads List

① HSD Diaper Bag Backpack + Changing Pad Insulated Pockets, Stroller Straps for the Tactical Dad

This is a large sized diaper bag whose main compartment is large enough to fit extra clothing, toys, a blanket or two, a bottle, and the diapers as well. It features a full hydration bladder or rather, a laptop pocket that also acts as a great place to store the baby’s tri-fold tactical diaper changing mat that makes life easier. The outside top part of the bag features a wet wipe holder that is easily accessible, well concealed, and very integrated that it can fit standard sized wipe packs.

The bottom pocket on the outside contains storage and organization pads for all the dad’s essentials like pens, notepad, keys, wallet, and other things that a dad needs. It has a top stroller strap with which you can hook your bag to your stroller. It has a diaper changing mat and is made from high-quality materials.


  • It is large enough for all baby essentials
  • It has a hook with which it can be strapped to your stroller
  • It has two outside pockets for wipes and dad essentials


  • It is expensive
  • It may be too large

② Diaper Backpack and changing pad combo by active Doodie durable black diaper bag backpack

This dad diaper bag is large enough to accommodate all the baby’s necessities and the dad’s as well. It has five pockets that are conveniently placed around the large diaper backpack that can be used to store, bottles, wet wipes, and other essentials.

For bottles, this backpack has an insulated bottle holder that is conveniently placed where it can be easily reached even during emergency cases when the baby throws tantrums or is hungry. While convenient, it also keeps your baby’s food at the right temperature. It also features a diaper changing pad with its pocket for cleanliness purposes.

Above all, it is versatile in its design hence it can be carried by both moms and dads


  • It has an insulated bottle holder
  • It is large and convenient
  • It has five convenient pockets


  • It may be too large
  • It is expensive

③ Baby Backpack Diaper Bag for Mom and Dad Large Capacity Waterproof with insulated pockets

This is a unique modernized design that features a strong structure that is considerably more durable than other brands in the market. It is suitable, comfortable, and durable and is made with waterproof fabric that cannot get dirty quickly. It has large dimensions; hence, it can accommodate several items.

It has sixteen pockets that are split into two sections to allow for better distribution and convenience when storing different items in them. This backpack can accommodate essentials for up to babies. Therefore, if you have twins, this is the perfect diaper backpack for you.

It has comfortable shoulder straps that are convenient and comfortable for carrying.


  • It is designed for superior organization
  • It is comfortable
  • It has 16 convenient pockets that can carry large amounts of luggage


  • It is expensive
  • It may be too large for one baby’s stuff


Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with stroller straps changing pad and sundry bag

This is a convenient diaper bag that can conveniently carry several items and hold them in place. It features a holder and strap with which it can be strapped onto a stroller hence you can carry it around-hands free. It is made from high-quality water-resistant twill polyester that is stronger than ordinary cloth.

The material from which it is designed is non-fraying stitching and has durable zippers that can last for a very long time. It features 14 pockets on each end that facilitate convenient organization. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a pdf and hard copy instruction manual or guide.


  • It is made from high-quality materials
  • It has 14 conveniently placed pockets on each end
  • It has water-resistant material


  • It is expensive
  • It may be difficult to assemble


Tactical Baby Gear Daypack 3.0 Tactical Diaper Bag Backpack and changing mat

This is a hands-free handling diaper backpack that lets you cart around all the essentials and wrangle your bundle of joy with the convenience of the rugged backpack design. It features a changing pad that is in the form of a built-in removable TBG Tactical changing mat that has an easy to clean nylon surface and a foam padding.

This military grade diaper backpack features a vastly roomy interior with dual pockets and a zipper that opens the full way in the front among other amazing features. It is made with heavy duty YKK zippers and a 600D polyester construction that allows for a next level performance in tricky scenarios.


  • It is a heavy-duty bag that is durable
  • It is large enough to carry several items
  • It has a changing pad


  • It is expensive
  • It may be too bulky for some dads


DadGeer Backpack Diaper Bag (Regen Dark Charcoal)

DadGeer is a backpack style diaper bag that comes with a lifetime warranty. It features up to thirteen easy access compartments that make organization easy. It comes with stroller straps; hence it can be carried around on the stroller rather than by hand.

This backpack also comes with a changing pad that is wrapped with nylon and filled with foam to allow for efficiency. Its straps are also strapped to allow for easy and comfortable carrying. It is made from high-quality construction materials, has a colored interior, and it took nothing like a diaper bag.


  • It is stylish, practical and convenient
  • It is lightly colored
  • It is made from high-quality construction material
  • It has a vast room that can accommodate large amounts of luggage and it can be carried by both men and women


  • It is costly as compared to other bags of its kind
  • It is bulky


BabyX Diaper Bag Backpack with multi-functional waterproof maternity nappy bags for moms and dads.

This diaper bag is designed with straps that are easy to adjust, have a soft lining, and provide a soft usage experience even when you use it to carry heavy loads. It is made with heavy and resilient oxford fabric that is interwoven with polyester and is resistant to wear and tear. It is also waterproof and has extra hold seams and a dura-slide zipper system that can hold heavy luggage and last longer than regular bags.

It is a multi-pocket design that can accommodate bottles, diapers, clothes, and other accessories. The top central pocket is vast enough to carry large items the likes of blankets and bulky clothes while the side pockets are small enough to hold the smaller accessories in place. It is a stylish design that can be carried by both moms and dads.


  • It is light and comfortable
  • It is a heavy-duty design
  • It’s heavy and versatile
  • Has plenty of room


  • It is expensive
  • The color fades off too fast

Conclusion & What is the Best Diaper Bag for Dads

Off all the things to consider, make sure you are keen on a bag that is hands-free, is of the right size, its stylish, has desirable features and the right color for you. Each of the seven dad diaper bags discussed above meets this criterion. The HSD Diaper Bag Backpack (CHECK BEST PRICE HERE), however, stands out from the rest.

It is a large size diaper bag with several compartments that are specially designed to accommodate a large amount of luggage including that belonging to the dad, it also had a padded hydration pocket that can be used to store phones, laptops or iPads. It features stroller straps that can be used to strap the bag onto a stroller a changing mat and a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Are you an aspiring dad looking to get ready before the baby comes? Get yourself the HSD Diaper Bag Backpack with changing pad, insulated pockets, stroller straps meant for tactical dads and moms!

A guide to buying the best dad diaper bag

The most important thing about choosing the most appropriate diaper bag is the capacity. A good diaper bag for either moms or dads should be able to accommodate all the items that your child needs. These include the diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, a blanket or two, bottles, snacks, and toys, among other essentials.

A diaper bag can be used as merely an emergency changing tool or a carrying tool for when you plan to travel or depend on a weekend away from home. When you have a child, you will need to always carry around a diaper bag to picnics, to church, to grandmas to the office and every other place you have to go with your baby. Therefore, the bag should be able to accommodate all the items that the baby will need. Hence it should always be packed beforehand to avoid forgetting some things.

In addition to handling all the baby’s belongings, you also need to consider that carrying a diaper bag plus the child on the other hand or in a stroller might keep you from carrying your bag for your belongings hence you may need to store some of your belongings in the diaper bag as well. Such belongings may include your keys, phone, iPod, tablet, and wallet, among other things depending on where you are heading. A good diaper bag should be able to accommodate such items as well.

There are those that have individual compartments meant for just these items. These compartments are made to ensure that your valuables stay dry and safe even when the bag falls or gets wet from the baby’s snacks and drinks.

The ease at which you can carry the bag around is also something to consider. For dads, carrying stuff around on the shoulders is not something they look forward to. Therefore, when picking the best brand of the diaper bag, dads tend to look for one that resembles or is a backpack.

This one tends to be way more comfortable to carry around regardless of the amount of luggage that is in the bag. There are also those brands that have stroller straps that can be strapped to the stroller; hence, no need to carry it by hand.

Another factor to consider is the materials that have been used in the manufacture of the diaper bag. A good diaper bag should be made from high-quality materials that can last longer and handle heavy duty luggage. The reason is that diaper bags can be used severally, at times every single day; therefore, a low-quality material diaper bag may not be able to last long under such conditions.  

The diaper bag should also be washable and not wear out due to regular washing. This will depend on the quality of the material from which it is manufactured. The zippers also need to be high quality and durable and also well functional.

You also ought to look into the additional features like a washable diaper changing pad that is made from easy to clean materials and is foldable. The number of pockets and the number of pockets and the placements of the pockets also counts. There are those bags that have several pockets but are not well situated hence appearing disorganized and bulky.

Others are well situated; however, many to promote the organization.

The design of the bag is also a factor to consider. As a dad, you do not want a bag that is too feminine. However, you also do not want one that is too masculine. The right style is the unisex as it can be carried by both dads and moms; hence, you will not need to have separate bags for the two parents.

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