That’s when the Madness begins. Et tu Bruins? A “2” Bruins? So the Pac-10 didn’t get a one seed, they still landed a solid six teams in the NCAA Men’s Tournament.  Only the ACC had more (7) and everyone knows that they sold their collective soul to the devil (Dick Vitale) years ago.  I’m surprised the whole conference didn’t get in.

I went to Arizona.  I bleed that damn red and blue.  I would really love to say they are going to take it all.  In fact, I have been saying that for months.  That was until they self-destructed, and even though I will fill out at least one bracket with them on the final line I’m just not feeling it.  Hell, I don’t think they are feeling it.

This doesn’t dampen (well, slightly) my enthusiasm for the wonder of March Madness.  I will still watch more basketball in a few weekends than most people watch in a lifetime.  I will drink beer before noon on a weekday.  I will fall in love with Cinderella(s).  I will quite possibly sleep on the couch.

It’s going to be freaking great.

I will now provide for you my prediction for the Final Four, please note that should you follow my lead- and win any monies for doing so, I expect a bit of that love.

My Final Four are:
*Ohio State

I’ll take Oregon over Ohio State, 83-74.  Why not?

So, who will you be dancing with?