Embedded in a CNN article about the White House’s decision not to publish pictures of the dead Osama (or to sell any “dead Osama” action figures) was the following:

One of bin Laden’s daughters has told Pakistani interrogators that she saw her father shot, a senior Pakistani intelligence source said Wednesday. The daughter, believed to be 12 or 13 years old, was among those left behind at the compound after Monday’s U.S. raid, the source said.

So, even though this cat followed a fundamentalist sect of the Quran-reading set and spent his “golden years” plotting against the EVIL, INFIDEL, GOD-FEARING, ALLAH-SPURNING West, his death may have verified a foreboding admonition from the Christian Old Testament: the sins of the father are visited upon his children (See Exodus 20:5), an idea the Quran directly refutes (See Quran 35:18). Ain’t that a bitch?

You: But dude was a terrorist! Of course his kids are going to get brought down for being associated with someone who kept the company he did and committed the atrocities he committed!

But does his daughter deserve to watch him die? Via gunshot wounds from infidel SEALs?

Just because an outcome may be predictable doesn’t mean it’s acceptable or justified. However, religious beliefs aside, any of us who’ve been alive for a couple decades have seen that such habits as drug abuse, infidelity, smoking, gambling, and alcoholism (not that having a bourbon or 6 is a sin) will provide negative consequences for the offender’s progeny. So, regardless of whether or not a father’s sins “visit” the sons or daughters, his poor lifestyle decisions will certainly affect them.

Which is why I, for one, prefer to drink alone.