You know how I feel about the books and the action and the mystery and the stuff. I’m for it.

I’m always looking for the next Encyclopedia Brown to come along. Maybe a Three Investigators. Hey, it could happen.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a friend of a friend had published a book called Catacombs and the Forbidden City, which critics have suggested is akin to Indiana Jones meeting the Magic Tree House. Harry Potteresque some said. They did, I read the reviews.

Mutual friends do what mutual friends do and suddenly the lovely Sarah Gerdes was at my door with, and I’m looking at you, FTC, a FREE COPY OF HER BOOK. Also, chocolates. Wait, ALSO CHOCOLATES. FOR FREE, FTC, FOR FREE. I gave her water because she’s pregnant and didn’t want coffee or whiskey even though I insisted that the US medical experts were a bunch of cowards and prudes, and get this, FTC, she received it at no charge. However, and this cannot be stressed enough, I DID NOT TRADE WATER TO A PREGNANT WOMAN FOR CHOCOLATES AND A BOOK.