Gee…it’s been awhile. I don’t think I’ve posted here since Joanie Loves Chachi went off the air. I’d like to thank the boys at DadCentric for not giving me the boot for my lack of participation like those douchebags over at Not Even Wrong did. Honestly, that one wasn’t even my fault. I couldn’t decipher the algorithm to unlock my password so that I could log in which severely affected my ability to post.

So, what’s been going on over at the Whiffle House? Well, my littlest one starts “school” in a few weeks. And by school, I mean Pre-K which is really just a couple of hours of “Me Time” for my wife at the expense of the L.A. County tax payers. We thank you! I kid. It is free, mind you, but, only in a monetary sense. We’re expected to participate one day a week by helping in class, bringing food for parent/teacher sessions, assembling materials for crafts, etc. And for that, I hold L.A. County tax payers personally responsible. Had I known all this “parental involvement” stuff was required, I would have opted for the homeschooling thing SpongeBob and the good people at Nickelodeon have been doing quite admirably for some time now. Instead we’re left with no choice but to meddle in our child’s edutainment because there aren’t enough funds for free, no-strings-attached schooling. Liberal State my ass!

Our eldest has grown in to a wonderful pre-teen. This scares the shit out of us, of course. There’s got to be a rebellious hell-child in there somewhere and, as far as we know, she’s plotting the most inopportune time to launch the childbeast upon us. For now, she simply lies in wait, quietly reading her horsey books, keeping her room clean, saying “please” and “thank you”, volunteering at the animal shelter and whatnot. You may have your teachers, friend’s parents, neighbors, pastor and most everyone else in your life fooled, but, we’re watching you, kid.

So that’s it, really. Hope to post a little more around here in the future, what with all this fresh blood and talent we’ve got. Now do yourself a favor and read that big pussy, Black Hockey Jesus’, post which you probably missed since I topped his ass.