Hi all – Jason here. On behalf of all of the guys here at DadCentric, I wanted to thank you, Dear Reader, for visiting our little corner of the dad-o-sphere this year. We’re taking some time off over the holidays, but will be back in January with a bunch of new stuff…and we’re (finally) giving the place a bit of a makeover. We’ve been at this for going on eight years now, and we’re thinking that maybe we need to change our whole schtick up a bit. That’ll be reflected in the site’s new look, the type of stuff we’ll be covering (pretty much whatever the hell we want to write about, so you may want to take your preconceived notions of what a dad blog should be and shelve them) and it will certainly be reflected in the three kickass new guys that will be joining us. (On a sad note, we’re saying so long to The Holmes; his amazing creativity has been a vital part of this site, and we’ll miss having him around.) As for those new guys, they are:

Ron Mattocks, mild mannered reporter by dad, raconteur…also by day.

Jason Sperber, Rad Rice Daddy In A Strange Land.

Craig Heimbuch, former Man Of The House who now Does Manly Things.

I’m thrilled as all hell to have these guys aboard; they’re each incredible writers who bring a distinct voice to the cacophony here, and I’m looking forward to reading their stuff.

This December has been a rather shitty one. But I’m writing this post on December 22, and taking heart in the fact that from here on out, there’s a little bit more light in each day. We hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.