Cuteness 101

To make us feel better about the fact that our daughter wanted a trash truck for the Holidays, my wife and I bought her a cute little doll house from Target – you know, just to throw it out there that girl stuff is cool too (but no pressure!).

So, I assembled the house while she napped and quietly put it in her room. The furniture and dolls – which she wanted to nap with – were in her favorite backpack so she could set it up however she liked when she woke up.

An hour or so later we hear her playing with it and thought we’d take a peek because it sounded like she was having so much fun. Now this totally could be one of those “you had to have been there” moments, but, what we saw when we opened the door just made us melt. She’s sitting there on the floor in front of the doll house just chattering away playing pretend.

However, not realizing or seeing that the back of the doll house is completely open, she’s cramming the furniture through the front door as if that’s the essence of playing with it. As far as she knew, stuffing the pieces through the door was all she could do with the thing – but she was still loving every minute of it.

We made our presence known and with an excited voice she cries “Look Mommy! Doll house! Look Dad!”. My wife and I shared a moment and then we turned the house around to show her that the back of the doll house is open to actually play with the things she stuffed inside. “Wooooow!”, she says in utter amazement.

And to think she was totally content with just moving in.

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