What are Dad Jeans? Dad Jeans vs Non-Dad Jeans

Do you own a pair of dad jeans? Well if you don’t you are most definitely not in tune with the times. If I talked about dad jeans a year ago, maybe I wouldn’t make sense to many. They have been one of the most cringe items of clothing but now, they are perceived in a whole new light. 

If you worry about how to pull of this trend then worry no more. I am here to tell you everything you may need to know about dad jeans. But first of all what exactly are the dad jeans?

Do you remember the very jeans that you grew up watching your dad wear? The slightly ill-fitted, awkward length and debatable blue wash jeans that you would never associate them with anybody you considered fashionable, let alone yourself?  Well those are the dad jeans. It has come a time for the dads of the world to have the last laugh as everyone is finally catching on with their look. For the past few months, this trend has actually been the talk of town. Such a rise huh, talk of the biblical grass to grace.

You may need a casual look, but on the other hand I may need a smart look. The beauty about dad jeans is that they are suited for both of the looks. They are a staple that is easy to style, and just like any other jeans, the mood of the outfit depends on what you wear them with. For instance, match them with some dad trainers to get the ultimate dad look.

Men’s Dad Jeans

I want to introduce you to the new trend in town, so naturally I am sure that you are going to need some outfit inspiration to see how it’s done. I know by now you may be wondering about what exactly makes the dads trends.  Well, classic dad jeans are a light blue wash, a little bigger on the leg than most men are used to and a little shorter. With the dad jeans, everyone is most definitely recognize it straight away and thus you won’t have to worry about people thinking that you cannot buy yourself a well-fitted pair. You therefore have to rock the dad jeans with confidence.

What if we took our inspiration from the Feel Good Inc trend, where cosy vibes meet dad jeans. This is the easiest look to recreate for it only consists of the few elements which most men should already have in their wardrobes. First of all, a long-sleeved T-shirt should be the base layer. You can either have a plain one or a minimally patterned one such as the thin stripe long-sleeved T-shirt.

And ooh, you definitely have a suede bomber jacket in your wardrobe don’t you? Guess what, this is not only a perfect addition to your wardrobe but also a perfect one for styling all year round. The beauty about this is that it does not take too much away from the outfit as a lot of statement coats do. It actually complements the rest of the look by adding subtle colour and texture, giving the outfit a few more dimensions. The suede or black beige will always go well with the colour of your blue dad jeans. Adding too much colour on the T-shirt will however make the outfit too confused and you will sure as hell stand the risk of clashing.

Finally, do the outfit a favor by finishing it with some clean white trainers for an effortlessly cool dad jean look.

How then do you dress up your dad jeans?

Good question. First, you need to understand that just like any other jeans, dad jeans can be styled up or down so you can make the most out of your pair. For this case, we will go for a smart casual style with the dad jeans. By taking or adding a few pieces, you can easily transform the look. I therefore think I should start with a base of a white Oxford shirt. What you also need to know about Oxford shirts is that they are one of the easiest shirts to incorporate into an outfit as they are minimal and timeless. You can have the shirt tucked into the dad jeans or even play around with it untucked or half-tucked depending on how formal or casual you want to go.

Next, you can have it layered over a simple grey overcoat for some warmth and further layered over a crossbody bag. To be able to put up a smarter look, you should consider opting for a tote or no bag at all. This is because this bag is quite casual. Again, pairing this look with some trainers will give you the perfect look. Converse rarely ever lets you down since it works well for most looks, be it casual or smart. The white converse will always match all clothing with a lot of ease. Some bright socks will also play a beautiful part in lifting up the outfit. For this to be achieved, you can have the bottom of the jeans folded up to show the socks and add a little edge to the look. You can keep the jeans down if you purpose to have a smart look. A pair of loafers would also look really good instead of converse.

The Dad Jean Trend

Barack Obama. Yes, Barack Obama is one of the very popular dignitaries who has pulled this trend a little differently to show that we envisage it. But we don’t even mind, after all he is Obama. The trend has of course spread far and wide and apart from Obama, many other pretty unsuspected names have already jumped on the bandwagon.

To improve on this look, you should go for some real shoes, not sandals. To go smart, choose loafer and to go casual, minimal trainers are the way forward.

Finally it is clear to me that these are some of the best jeans for men fairly easy to style and can be paired with both a variety of outfits for different occasions. Get a pair of the dad jeans and be part of the trendsetters. It’s for that touch of class, fashion and freedom. Dad jeans are clearly a perfect shot for all men.