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Dad n’ Me Game by Newgrounds Dad ‘n Me are video game characters. They first appeared together in the video…

Dad ‘n Me are video game characters. They first appeared together in the video game Dad ‘n Me. The video game was created by Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp. The game was first uploaded in 2005. The characters have also appeared in other games including Chaos Functions. The character ‘Dad’ first appeared in the video game Chainsaw the Children. The character ‘Me’ is a fighter. His powers and skills include fighting, superhuman strength and enhanced speed, using a saw and a knife and expertise in hand to hand combat skills. In the game Dad ‘n me the character is seen to enjoy going to different locations to kill people. The villain ‘Me’ is depicted as a mentally ill serial killer. 

The objective of the games players (the players control the Me character) is to travel across the level and to beat up any children and bullies who stand in their way. Once the player encounters children their progress is stopped until they defeat all the ‘enemies’ in the area.  Various objects can be used including some which can be thrown at ‘enemies’ and others which explode when hit. The game has an interactive soccer game midway which can be played. To succeed players must manage to kill all their ‘enemies’.

The game has been a great success on Newsgrounds. It has over 16.7 million reviews and has a rating of 9.5/10. Surprisingly the game continues to receive high ratings today despite being released in 2005. The game has won various awards including Daily Feature, Weekly Users’ Choice Awards and The Best Web Browser Game from The Independent Games Festival in 2006.

At the beginning of the game, Dad drives his son, the character Me, to the park. On their way, they run over one kid. After son is dropped off at the park by Dad, he goes on a killing spree in the park. His first victim is Marcus who was building a castle in the sand. He goes on to kill a bully who has just beaten his victim to death. During the altercation with the bully, two other guys appear with one having a helmet on. He uses the helmet as a weapon. Me kills both of them. 

After killing the three dad finds a soccer match with four players. He kills the four of them and afterward kills other four guys who are dressed in uniforms. After killing these guys he goes on to kill other four guys. One of the guys has a toy-like weapon which he uses to defend himself but he is eventually killed. 

The player continues with his killing spring killing three basketball players and two gangsters in Dad n Me. One of the gangsters is driving but is eventually killed. Afterward, the player kills five people. He also killed two ninjas, one of who is driving. The ninjas have good fighting skills and the player encounters difficulty in killing them but he is ultimately successful. He goes on to kill more people. Finally, he encounters a gangster who has a pistol with his two mates. He easily kills the gangster’s mates but faces difficulty in killing the gangster. He eventually succeeds. The game ends with the Dad coming out of his car looking at his son proudly.

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