Ronald Miller appeared to be a concerned, caring individual – a paramedic who also volunteered at his child’s school.

Then last week the North Texas father walked calmly up to said elementary school in Celina, Texas, allegedly told the staff member at the front of the building that he had a weapon and was targeting someone inside.

According to news reports, he proceeded to the main office, pointed at some staffers and said, “You’re dead.”

Not to worry! It was just his way of pointing out flaws in the school’s security after the Newtown shooting a month before that left 20 grade schoolers and six staffers dead. After Miller talked to the school principal about what he just demonstrated, Miller left the school — unchallenged.

Later than night, police arrested him on charges of third-degree felony terroristic threats. He posted $75,000 bail and left jail the next day, according to reports.

As a father of two kids in public school in the same county as Sandy Hook Elementary School (who coincidently lived roughly the same distance from this Celina school when the wee ones were of pre-school age), I’m conflicted.

At first, I thought the guy was a total idiot for pulling this stunt. However, now the more I think about … yes, he is an idiot. In fact, I’d say he’s a complete d-bag for creating a possible tragedy (most likely his own at the hands of a police officer or fellow yahoo with a legally concealed weapon – this is Texas, y’all) and mentally scarring a mess of elementary schoolers and adults to make a point, no matter how valid.

However, I’m shocked at the lack of response — or you may argue the complete calmness — shown by the school personnel during the actual event, regardless of who the guy was or that they thought he had no weapon. The school let Miller walk in and out like he was dropping off birthday cupcakes. (Actually if it was cupcakes, the health-and-allergy police would have probably cuffed him on the spot.) According to WFAA-TV’s report:

“(After Miller left) the principal at the school called administrators, who then called police. (Celina Independent School District superintendent Donny) O’Dell said they did not use 911, but called the department’s non-emergency number. The superintendent said it was because Miller, 44, was ‘immediately’ recognized as a parent and volunteer.”

Oh, the serial killer who lives next door? He seemed like such a nice boy. Saw him at church every Sunday.

So is this DUM-da-dum-dum-DUUUMMMB daddying or preventative genius? Was the school too cool or just right in how they handled the situation?