Historians will look back on 2010 as The Year A Few People Said That 2010 Was The Year Of The Dadblogger. We’re pretty sure that didn’t happen – well, for most of you, anyway. I’m writing this from the deck of DadCentric’s floating headquarters, the superyacht SS Dadcentric, resting at anchor off of Barbados. While I wait for the helicopter to arrive, bearing cases of Dom and fresh lobsters, I thought I’d put together a list of great dad-related things that happened this year. As we bid adieu to 2010, we look back on the year’s Top 5 Dad Moments – events that brought the dad community together and propelled the Dadiverse further into…ah…dadnessness.

5. The M3 Summit. The dozen or so people that were there all agreed, in a completely earnest manner, without the slightest hint of derision or irony or snark: it changed everything.

4. Single Dad Laughing. Single Dad Laughing was started in July 2010 by Dan, who “decided to quit being a plague and a cancer and start writing things that would actually make people sit back and think”. His blog – his message – is, in his words, “more about love and less about me”. “So much more than a daddy blog”1, and certainly not a testament to Dan’s own ego, Single Dad Laughing provides “intelligent humor”2, “deep, powerful content”3, and “sincere followers”4. “Powerful and heartbreaking”5, “passionate and desperate”6, and “have been viewed several hundred thousand times”7 are phrases used (by Dan, natch) to describe his posts8. Also, Dan is “not interested in co-authoring a book with you”,9.