I suppose if the kiddies are going to watch TV, they could do worse than to watch a show that features famous artists and composers and their works, and gets the kiddies all geeked out over them. Beth and I can’t help but wonder what The Factory gang would think of our kid doing The Wave on the couch, yelling “Andyyyy WARHOL!” at the top of his lungs.

I received a copy of Disney’s Little Einsteins: Rocket’s Firebird Rescue DVD for review a couple of days ago. In this movie – actually, an hour-long episode of the show – the Little Einsteins go to Russia, something to do with Stravinsky’s (“Igorrrrr STRAVINSKY!!!”) famed flaming bird. I asked Lucas for a plot summary. According to him, and I quote, “there’s an ogre named Catcheye and he has bears and mosquitoes and they do magic”. He seems to like it, judging by the fact that he’s watched it some 215 times over the past three days*. To me, the show’s saving grace has always been that it may get kids excited about art and music; the animation is colorful and occasionally creative, but the plots are often formulaic and occasionally incomprehensible. Still, if you’re looking for a decent DVD for the kids, this isn’t a bad choice.

*DISCLAIMER FOR DISNEY MARKETING PEOPLE AND CONCERNED PARENTS: The phrase “watched it some 215 times” is an exaggeration, for comedic effect; please don’t send me letters expressing your concern that my kid watches too much TV, and please, Disney people, for God’s sake, don’t use that as a blurb on the cover of the next release of the DVD. I can see it now: “DECENT…ISN’T…BAD…WATCHED IT 215 TIMES!!!” – DadCentric