Recently we purchased a Wii. We did so after hours of debate – should we get a game system, which one has the most titles, which one is cheapest, which one would be best for the kid, which one is the most fun to play when the kids are asleep and we’re drunk, etc. The Wii was the logical choice, and one fine day Beth came home with one tucked under her arm – she’d found the last remaining console at some video game store at the mall, and snatched up with the vigor of a golden ticket hunter who’d spied the 7-11’s last Wonka bar. Then began the long process of trying out games to see which ones Lucas would enjoy (important) and be able to actually play (equally so – he’s five, and still working on the whole hand-eye thing). I received a copy of Namco Bandai’s “We Ski and Snowboard” for review, and on the whole, I – we – like it.

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