Full disclosure: the good people at Nintendo and Golin Harris sent me a copy of “Metroid: Other M” for review purposes. More disclosure: it will become painfully apparent that I am not a “Gamer”. I bust out the Wii infrequently at best, which provides a perfect segue to my introduction, in which I state that

I really wonder why the hell I bought a THIRD game console. I had an original Play Station, which got about 5 total hours of Play before I became bored with it. A couple of years ago, I bought an Xbox, which I played frequently, enough to make it through Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic. (SPOILER ALERT: You are Revan!) I blame Beth. She insisted on getting a Wii. “It’ll be fun for Lucas. Plus I want Dance Dance Revolution.”

A year and a half goes by. We amass a bunch of games. Most of them are for everyone else – Mario Kart, Boom Blox, and of course Dance Dance Revolution. My one “grownup” game is the Wii version of Medal of Honor, the one where you’re a paratrooper. It bears a striking resemblance to a game I had on my old desktop PC back in 2002. (In other words, typical Wii graphics.) I know I’m not really a Gamer, for if I was, I’d be more insistent on getting an Xbox360. Still, I wish there was something to fill the void.