A profound question, to be sure. Ultimately, we are all naked under our clothes, you, me, the stormtroopers, even poor Greedo. “What do you mean?”, I asked. We were on our way to a press screening of the new movie Secretariat. We’d spent the better part of the 20 minute drive engaged in a discussion about superheroes – well, more like a Q and A session, the kid firing off questions and me answering them to the best of my abilities. “What’s Hawkman’s power?” “He flies. And beats people with his mace.” “Who’s tougher, the Green Goblin, or Hobgoblin?” “I’d go with the Green Goblin. Willem Dafoe – scary. James Franco – not scary.” “If the Hulk is so big how can he still fit into those pants?” “Stan Lee invented jeggings.” And now we were moving into Star Wars territoryas our conversations so often do. Clearly the kid had superheroes and stormtroopers on the brain, and I wasn’t sure how he’d fare, sitting through Secretariat. I was concerned. We were going to see a movie about a horse.