Welcome to the DadCentric Roundtable. Recently, we had an email discussion about the upcoming Dad 2.0 Summit; many of us went to last year’s, a few of spoke on panels, and it was a good time. As the second rolls around, we thought we’d have a chat about what we’re hoping to get out of Dad 2.0.2, and whether or not blog conferences have any value (outside of getting knee-walking drunk with your Internet pals).

Jason: C.C. Chapman recently posted a great piece on conferences, and how many of them fail to provide anything of substance to experienced folks. We’re all graying, surly veterans of the dadblogging scene: apart from getting the chance to watch Andy display his karaoke talents and Whit threaten fellow attendees with that knife he keeps in his boot, is there any tangible value to attending Dad 2.0? In other words, can old dogs like us learn any new tricks?

Seth: Some of us aren’t as long in the tooth as you guys.  (Ahem.)  I wish I were going.  I think I’d learn something about the business behind blogging, which I’m pretty ignorant about.  Then again, what I learn may only serve to bum me out. The biggest reason I wish I were attending this year is the drunken fellowship. And I can testify firsthand to the fact that Hinds does a pretty badass Johnny Cash.

Greg: I don’t think anyone is going to teach me anything new about SEO or Typepad tricks.
I’d like to see more of how blogging is changing journalism…

Homemaker Man: I’ve never been to a blog conference of any kind, so for me, I think’d it be useful on some level, if just getting to meet everyone and so forth.

TwoBusy: It all depends on what you mean by learning. If you mean technical tricks of the trade… I have no idea. Is that part of the Dad 2.0 agenda, the way it is at BlogHer? I’m such a technophobe I’ve never seriously considered that kind of learning as a serious option. That being said, I think there’ll probably be plenty to be learned in the sense of meeting people, hearing great stories, and – as a result of all that drunken fellowship (as is often the case: Seth nailed it) – finding some new perspective or inspiration that pushes you & your writing in a different direction.

Or , alternately, you just go out drinking and karaoke-ing with Mr. Hinds and end up making pee angels on the sidewalk at 6am. (see under: cautionary tales/Andy Herald)